Innerlight Creations

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Commissioning Original Works

I invite you to collaborate with me in designing an Innerlight Creation -- an original and very personal piece of art -- as a gift for yourself, or someone else special.  Utilizing your own ideas and intentions I will create a piece  that embodies whatever theme, feeling or message you wish to express.  Of course, you are welcome to be inspired by existing concepts.

During the co-conceptualization process we will discuss the various elements involved beginning with the intended recipient.  Who is it for, and what is the broader theme or message you want to express?  Then, what is it specifically you would like to say, why, and how?  I use this information as a blueprint for your one-of-a-kind finished product.

Pricing is determined by size and complexity.  I try to work within most budgets, committed to giving you the most artistic value for  your price point.

If you are interested or just have questions, give me a call at 323.459.7249 or email me at