Innerlight Creations

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original 36" x 36" on deep stretched canvas

original 18" x 36"on deep stretched canvas

Divine Creation

More examples of custom-made originals:

Three more high quality prints available for sale:

24" x 36" on watercolor board in vintage frame

The Places You'll Go!

Dream for the Future

48" x 48" on canvas with box frame

24" x 36" prints with 2" white border

The Next Wave

Be the Light

24" x 36" prints with 2" white border

22" x 28" prints with 2" white border

original 30" x 30" on deep stretched canvas

Love Blooms Eternal

The Path of Life

Saint Francis & Me

Collage Gallery

An Innerlight collage is a visual narrative of rich multi-layered imagery created by using a process I call painting with photographs.  They each express a specific written message such as a poem, book passage, or song lyrics.

Below are several examples.  Click on the photographs below for an expanded view and more information on each.

Three new original collages and high quality prints for sale from The Spirals Collection: